The vision of Brughmans IT-consultancy: In the past 9 years I have been working hard to support my clients in their development needs, while keeping a keen eye on how to functionally improve their processes and improve their KPI's. I strongly believe the key to a succesful implementation lies not in merely building what the customer asks, but in actively trying to understand why the customer asks this. In my experience, only by fully understanding the underlying business flow will you be able to implement the correct technical solution.

Microsoft Dynamics AX: 10+ years of experience in Microsoft Dynamics AX,  ranging from development specialist to full implementations.
PHP Development: 3+ years of experience in developing backend applications in PHP using a variaty of frameworks like Symfony, Doctrine, and many others
Energy&Utilities: Years of experience in the energy and utilities sector in Belgium and other countries across Europe. This inclused the full End to end customer journey from contracting to billing